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Welcome to UM Shipyard

3rd Generation Shipyard

The shipyard UM stands proudly as Turkey's pioneering 3rd generation shipyard, representing a remarkable leap in innovation and technological advancements

Facts about UM Shipyard

Equipped with Modern Production Infrastructure and Latest Technology Machinery

  • UM Shipyard is a 3rd Generation shipyard located in Izmit Bay, near Istanbul.

  • 3rd Generation also in terms of Machinery and technology.

  • Settled on 260,000 sqm of land with 20,000 sqm semi-indoor and 50,000 sqm indoor shipbuilding facilities.

  • Recent Record Holder for Largest Oil Tanker to have passed the Suez Canal.

  • Hull workshop has a fully automatic panel and profile production line.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to simplify sustainability and achieve fuel efficiency through hydrodynamic optimization. We are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that minimize environmental impact, conserve resources, and promote a harmonious coexistence with nature. Through streamlined processes and responsible practices, we empower businesses to make meaningful changes for a greener and more prosperous future.

Building ships isn't just a job, it's a journey of craftsmanship, innovation, and dedication to the sea

A Family owned and operated Shipyard with the largest acreage in Turkey. Its strategic position near the Bosphorus has enabled the Company to grow Organically.


A Unique Approach

We dont adhere to conventional naval architectural views. We aim to solve problems through Physics and Engineering.

Designed for 
Passenger & Operator Benefits

Our Mission Statement:

Sensus SD EcoCat

Electric Picture Draft.png

Change requires a leap

We are never afraid to push boundaries to intuitively optimize in sustainibility

Hence the adaptability of the Sensus Sustainibility program (LNG & Electrically adaptable)

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